VK 45.02 (P)v
VK 45.02 (P)v.Hero Image.V1
German WWII tier V Experimental
HP 750
Damage per Shot 160
Rate of Fire 11
Vehicle Speed 30
View Range 330 m

Porsche lost the proposal for the Tiger II to Henschel with their VK 45.01 (P) prototype, however, Porsche was not done trying to improve the tank. After determining that simply adding armor to the original prototype wasn't enough to improve the tank, Porsche began development on what eventually culminated in 5 different designs, ranging from rear-mounted (hintern) to front-mounted (vorne) turret configurations that were all placed under the VK 45.02 designation. The hulls were never manufactured, but several turrets were made and placed on the first Tiger IIs before a Henschel-designed turret was used for the rest of production.

In GameEdit

This is the German experimental tier V tank. It has a little more health and firepower than WWII tier V tanks however it has a lower top speed. It is very powerful for its tier and the only thing with more HP are the Ace Tanks though it can hit as hard as the 212 but has a lower rate of fire. It has decent accuracy on the move and the front mounted turret aids in peekaboo though it's gun depression isn't all that great. It is strong when facing the enemy and can typically dish more than it takes but best to not get too far out in front otherwise you will be flanked and the sides are about as weak as every other tank at its tier.