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Tobruk, or Desert Map, is a map that has pretty much no flat areas at all. Because of this, tanks with poor gun depression suffer in here. For tanks with great gun depression however, this map is a pekaboo paradise, and for tanks with high speeds and great gun depression it's a dream map.

The dunes can provide very good cover and there's lots of them. There are also two villages in the map; one in the South-West at E2-F2, and one in the North-East at C7-C8. However, the shacks have holes in them so you're not 100% safe when behind one the of the shacks, and large tanks, like the experimentals, can't hide their turrets behind the shacks either.

Because of the many dunes, and the fact that you can be anywhere on the map, it provides fast tanks like A34 or M36B2 with many flanking opportunities against slow tanks like the T-28.

One of the flags is in the South-West and the other in the North-East. There is also a strategic position in the center of the map. This is marked by a small, stone tower at F5, which also has holes in it. The position has decent cover and whichever team controls that place has a strong position when fighting enemies in the South-West village. However, when flanked from the North or South there's little to no cover there.


This map is a sea of rolling low yellow sand-hills giving a huge advantage to relatively fast, low profile, stable firing platforms, with good gun depression. TDs have a hard time navigating the sand and utilising their range advantage.

Best Tanks are T30, SP, KTH, Comet A34, E-100,

Best TDs are M36B2, Tortoise A39, T28, JagTiger

Top Performers usually are M36B2, T30, T28, A34, SP

Modern top performers usually are Abrams 1A2, 1A1ace, T-14, Leo2A6ace, T90MS ace, Leo2A7