Tiger 212
Heavy Tank, Tier V
HP 781
Damage per Shot 161
Rate of Fire 12/min
Vehicle Speed 32 km/h
View Range 330 m

The Tiger I was a German heavy tank. It was armed with the fearsome 88mm gun and had 100mm of frontal armor plus 80mm on the sides (thicker than most allied tanks had on the front). It was rushed to production after the Germans encountered heavier Russian tanks and once it entered battle quickly garnered a fearsome reputation among allied tankers. The Tiger 1 was capable of destroying any allied tank on the battle field even through the end of the war. It's frontal armor proved nearly invulnerable to a standard equipped Sherman even at point blank range and most allied tankers preferred to avoid them and call in air support. Only around 1,500 were produced which makes their huge reputation even more impressive.

Tiger 212 was one of the tanks commanded by the tank Ace Michael Wittmann "The Black Baron". He was credited with destroying 170 tanks and 132 anti tank guns. On 11th June 1944, he destroyed 15 tanks, 20 transport vehicles and 3 AT Guns in 20 minutes during the Battle of Villers-Bocage. He was killed on the 8th August 1944 during the Battle of Cintheaux.

In gameEdit

Tiger 212 is a tier V tank. Compared to the standard Tiger I this has more hit points and firepower plus provides a 25% bonus to coin income. When fighting tanks in its own tier or lower it should try to always face them and make sure they don't get around its flanks or close enough to start circling. Against higher tier tanks it is a good support tank that can do a lot of damage. It should always stay towards the rear and let its powerful gun and thick frontal armor do all the work. It can even damage experimentals fairly well with its gun and take some frontal hits though it is advaisable to never present a target to an experimental tank. It is a beast and if played well can dominate the battlefield.