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T28 Super Heavy Tank
Tier VIII American Experimental
Tier VIII American Experimental
HP 1180
Damage per Shot 435
Rate of Fire 7/min
Vehicle Speed 19 km/h
View Range 345m

Designed to blow away heavy German fortifications the T28 (later renamed 105mm gun motor carriage T95 then back to Super Heavy Tank T28) was given a very powerful gun and extensive frontal armor which was up to 12" (305mm) on the front. It had an underpowered engine for such a heavy tank (nearly 100 tons) which left it with mediocre mobility. It's high velocity 105mm gun was to be capable of handling any German tank on the battlefield and also performed well against concrete fortifications. 

In Game[]

This is the tier VIII American experimental. In game the T28, or Doom turtle, is a very powerful machine with a monstrous gun that rips enemies to shreds. The reload is 8 seconds when fully ugraded meaning that you better make your shots count. The vehicle speed is pretty slow and the T28 has a narrow gun arc which makes the tank extremely easy to put out of action by flanking it. The armor, just like with any experimental, is much thicker than that of WWII tanks. The T28 should be played like a TD (Tank Destroyer) since it excells in long range gunnery duels, it can also handle itself in close combat but it's strongly recomended to NOT get up close and personal unless the enemy has no chance of flanking you. Played correctly you should always finish towards the top of the list and can easily change the battle outcome.

Some how to take out tips;

-Flanking the T28 is your best bet to taking it out, since it has no turret and the gun arc is narrow the worst thing that can happen to a T28 driver is getting flanked. Flank it and force them to turn at you which can allow a teammate to join the feast alongside you.

-Side huging a T28 is a usefull tactic. Want to prevent the T28 from firing at you? Want to let a teammate survive to take out the T28 quicker? side huging can be lethal so its a good tactic to employ.

How to play tips;

-Your strength in the T28 is to keep distance between yourself and the enemy. You must pummel the enemy with devastating shots and prevent them from getting close enough to start flanking maneuvers

-Use the PHENOMENAL gun depression of the T28 to your advantage, you can peek over hills and show little armor while having a good shot at the enemy while the enemy has a very small target to hit.

-In situations were its a 2 vs 2 or 1 vs 1 the T28 has the weakness of being slow so a faster tank can snatch the flag and humiliate the T28 by being too fast to catch up to so camping by your flag or capturing the enemy flag is a good way to stop the enemy from winning by capping. At least the enemy WILL have to either accept a draw or will have to face your fearsome gun

-If you want to do well just make sure never to expose the weak sides especially to another experimental or your round will be over quick. If you keep them in front of you even a Maus or multiple smaller tanks will feel the pain while dishing only small amounts to you in return.

360 degree pivot : Variable, from 17 to 30 secs /12-21 degs/sec depending on terrain. Even minor bumps can stall you.

Strong Points : - High damage, widest fire arc, Best frontal armor, Highest gun depression, Low silhouette.


Weakness : - Slow moving - aiming & reloading, bad handling, weak side & rear armor.

Frontal Weak Spots : - lower hull under the gun ball mounting, near each track. (YELLOW Color)

- Track guards (RED Color)

- Cupolas (PINK Color)

- Side panels (BLUE Color)

Here is a link of a video showing a T28 expert in Brigade War.