T26E4 Super Pershing
T26E4 SuperPershing.Hero Image.V1
Heavy Tank, Tier VIII
HP 1140
Damage per Shot 285
Rate of Fire 10
Vehicle Speed 32 km/h
View Range 330 m
While the Pershing had a gun and armor comparable, or better, than the Tiger I, it still wasn't quite up to par with the Tiger II. A new 90mm gun, 73 calibers long, to compete with the 88mm L/71 was installed in a Pershing to bring the firepower up. Later, extra armor was welded on to increase the armored protection and make the Super Pershing more equivalent to a Tiger II. Only one Super Pershing made it to the battle field where it destroyed at least two German tanks in combat and maybe three (some claim one was a Tiger, though this is disputed).

In GameEdit

This is the American tier VIII WWII tank. It is basically a Pershing with more health and firepower but less mobility. It needs to be played like a glass cannon against experimentals like the E-100 since it will take a lot more damage than it can dish out if you aren't in a hull-down position. Against WWII tanks this can destroy them easily as it dishes out a lot more damage and has higher health. It isn't the quickest tank, so dogfighting is a last resort so it's best to play peekaboo with experimentals and try to get them to fire and miss so you can pop out and take a second or two to aim at a weak spot as the barrel bounces a lot when you stop. Its gun is deadly and does pretty good damage, but the durability isn't as good as experimentals so play with caution and you can do well. Almost always try to fight from a hull-down position if you can because the gun depression is pretty good which allows you to do that. Your frontal armor is the only part of the tank that is tougher than a standard Pershing. The turret front especially can hold up to a straight up fight with a Maus. Just be sure they can't hit any of your weaker points. Also, learn the weak spots on experimentals to stay even on damage output. Played correctly this can be a devestating weapon.

360 Degrees Pivot : About 14,5 secs - 25 degs/sec. Turret Traverse 13 secs - 27,6 degs/sec

Strong points : - Excellent gun depression and aplique turret armor with good mobility.

Weakness : - Slowest gun reticle settle time with lowest accuracy, too many weak spots, slowest reverse speed

T26e4 WeakSpots

Frontal Weak Spots :

- Pretty much everywhere the turret is not covered by the extra applique armor takes the same damage as a tier 7 M26. (YELLOW Color)

- Tracks (BLUE Color)

- Machine gun port on the right part of the hull. (RED Color)