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Light Tank, Tier II
HP 320
Damage per Shot 42
Rate of Fire 23/min
Vehicle Speed 40 km/h
View Range 330 m

The T-46 is a Russian light tank, the succesor to the T-26 light tank. It was armed with a high volocity 45mm main gun, and was protected by 15mm of of armor. It had a top speed of 60 kph. A few were produced in 1936, but the design was eventually discarded due to low armor, a bulky profile, and the high cost of the tank.

In gameEdit

The tank in-game is the Russian Tier II experimental tank. It has good health, damage, and speed. It is a very versatile tank, being able to go head-to-head with teammates, or able to charge ahead and fight, while the rest of the team is getting in position. This tank can be used well against tier III tanks. If you've got friendly tanks with you, you can all concentrate fire on a tier III to good effect. If you find yourself close to a tier III, circle them, and whittle them down until you can destroy them.