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6 Sopka Otice (Autumn Map) 2018-10-17-12-05-59-416

Sopka Otice, or Autumn Map, consists of a centre area, a hill in the South-East, and a western area which provides great opportunities for shots at enemies in the center.

One of the flags is located in the North-West, in a lower ground position, from which you can effectivly defend.

The other flag is in higher ground in the South-East, and is also at a position from which you can effectivly defend.

The centre of the map consists of destroyed houses and entrenchments, providing lots of cover and flanking opportunities.

The hill area leads to the South-Eastern flag. From the hill you can shoot at enemies in the centre. You can also use its ample rocky and bumby terrain to escape, or use it to humiliate slow tanks like experimentals.

The western area leads to the North-Western flag. From there you can have nice flanking shots at defenders in the North-West or centre. The western position also has ample cover in it.


This is the second best balanced map, suitable for all aspect combat from BVR sniping to dogfighting, with terrain ranging from rugged mountains to smooth sand. This means that you can do well in any tank at the appropriate part of the map. The red tile hue of the landscape favors brown /green /grey or summer color schemes.

Best tanks are comet A34, SP, T30, KTH, IS-2, E-100

Best TDs are M36B2, Tortoise A39, T28, JagTiger, Su-100, ISU-152

Top Performers usually are M36B2, A34, T30, SP, A39

Modern top performers are M1A2, T14, Leo 2A7, M1A1ace, Leo2A6ace, T90ace.