Panzer VI B "King Tiger"
Tiger II Henschel.Hero Image.V1
HP 1190
Damage per Shot 280
Rate of Fire 11/min
Vehicle Speed 30 km/h
View Range 330 m

The King tiger was the successor of the Tiger 1. It had thick armor like the Tiger I that was sloped like the Panther making the effective thickness on the front considerably more. It was equipped with the longer more effective 88mm L/71 gun that had a much higher muzzle velocity than the Tiger I's 88. It was one of the the most heavily armored tanks on the battlefield equipped with one of the best anti tank guns of the war but fortunately for the allies only around 500 were produced. They also suffered from poor mobility due to its heavy weight that burdened the power train which was the same as the much lighter Panther tank. Like the Tiger I it could kill any tank it encountered on the battlefield but was issued in too few numbers to make a significant difference.

In Game Edit

This is the German tier VIII tank. It is a pure beast on the battlefield with the heaviest armor and HP of the production tanks plus a high rate of fire. It has a very bouncy hull and shots to the front do very little damage. It does have a big profile which makes finding cover difficult though it is better off than the Maus or E-100. It has lower mobility than the other production tanks but it is still hard to circle when turning hull and turret together. Experimentals like the Maus are a tough threat since dogfighting them is difficult though if you face hug them they have a hard time shooting your hull while you can shoot at their weak driver view ports. It is best to sit back and play the support sniper role, especially when you're not the heaviest tank on the field, but against weaker armored tanks you can charge and corner them relying on your armor to prevail in a close range fight. Just avoid letting them get a rear shot and you should out last them. It's always a good idea to get hull down since your machine gun port is a large weak spot that can be hit at relatively long range but the mediocre gun depression rarely allows you to do that.

Strong Point : - Fast reload with tough turret armor and good mobility, tankiest feeling tank in game.

Weakness : - Jerky aiming reticle with slow aim settle time & medium gun depression with many missed shots. Seems to have been improved since update 2.6.4

Frontal Weak Spots : - machine gun port on right side of hull takes 90-100% damage (inside red circle)

Weakspot-Tiger IIB 213 La Gleize-0

Damage modeling : -Gun mantlet 40-50%, turret cheeks 50-60%, turret sides 60-70%, turret rear 70-80%

-Hull Front 45-55%, hull side 70-80%, hull rear 130-150%