Panzer I
IMG 20141005 203840
Light Tank, Tier I
HP 240
Damage per Shot 26
Rate of Fire 33/min
Vehicle Speed 45 km/h
View Range 330 m

The Panzer I was the first tank to be produced in the German army.  In order to not break the treaty it was designated as a tractor. Mass production began in 1934. The Panzer I was only meant to be a training tank but it ended up seeing combat in the Spanish Civil War and the early campaigns in World War II. The tank was armed with two 7.92mm machine guns and had 7-14mm of armor. It was taken out of front line combat in 1941 while it's hull was often converted into a tank destroyer.

In gameEdit

The Panzer I is the tier one German tank. It's gun can fire every 2 seconds so a player can shoot more often and not have to worry as much about the aiming. It may not be as strong as the other tier one tanks but it is just as fast, and when upgraded it can go head to head with any tank in its tier. When you start to get into higher tier games (like with the T-34) you should stick to flanking and firing on the move. It's hard to hit a small circling tier I just be sure you know how to hit them or it's pointless to try it unless your team takes advanatge of a distracted enemy and snipes them.