Panzerjäger 1 Edit

PanzerJäger I
HP 225
Damage per Shot 41
Rate of Fire 22/min
Vehicle Speed 40 km/h
View Range 345 m

It was the first tank destroyer made by Germany. Mounting the Czechoslovak Skoda 47mm anti-tank gun, mounted on the Panzer 1 Ausf. B chassis and a small metal sheet guarding the gun and it's crew from the front and sides. This made the Panzerjäger (tank hunter) a reliable and good war machine, perfect for the Blitzkrieg.

In Game Edit

It's not just the first German tank destroyer ever made, but it's also the first tank destroyer in Armored Aces. Well armed and fast, it's a good machine that can pick of chinks of damage even on tier 3 tanks! Although, it's light armor and small gun arc make it a nightmare when by yourself. Sit back, relax and shoot the enemies when they aren't in your viewrange. If they are, get the *ell out from there.