German Experimental
HP 1190
Damage per Shot 335
Rate of Fire 10/min
Vehicle Speed 17 km/h
View Range 330 m

The Panzer 8 Maus was a German super heavy tank. The tank had over 200mm of armor all round and was very slow. It was first given a 128mm gun, but Hitler thought that it looked too small on the tank and ordered it to given a bigger 150mm gun though that upgrade never came. Two prototypes were made, named 205/1 and 205/2 respectively. 205/2 was the only one to receive a turret. The Maus tanks were designed to work in pairs; since it was too heavy to make it across most bridges, it needed to ford rivers. One would ford a river, while the second would supply electrical power through a cable. The tank fording the river would have a snorkel that provided oxygen to the crew, making it possible to go to depths of 45 feet.

The tanks were ordered to Wünsdorf to fight the enroaching Russian forces. They were probably going to fight in pairs as originally designed. However, 205/1 never arrived, leaving 205/2 to fight the Russians on her own. She was destroyed at the Hindenburgplatz, in front of the bunker Maybach I, by placing charges in the engine and fighting compartments. Later, Soviet forces salvaged the huge, mostly undageded turret, and united it with the captured hull of 205/1. The tank was tested through 1946, after which it was sent to the Kubinka Tank Museum for storage and display, where it now resides.

In GameEdit

The Maus also know as "The Fortress" currently is the highest tier tank in the German experimental line. It plays in matches with tier V-VII WWII tanks. It is a slow moving heavily armored beast of a tank. It has more health than Tier VII tanks and has an extremely thick armor coating that is nearly equal on all sides so it's very difficult to damage and even flanking runs aren't too productive. Also thanks to its thickness it takes a lot less damage than a tier VII would. The gun has the highest damage per minute output in it's tier and can destroy lesser tanks in only a couple shots. Avoid letting lower tier tanks get in close range or view distance since the turret only has a decent turn time and the tank moves and turns slow. Best to lend fire support to your team but try to have teammates cover your flanks. The only real threat other than another Maus is the T28 that head to head will always win thanks to its high frontal armor and higher damage gun. Try to hit them in the flank and one side shot is usually enough to give you the win. Don't expose your sides to that tank. It has a large fuel tank which takes lots of damage. Don't get shot there!

Maus Weak Spots

Strong Points : - Fast reload, High damage, 50% damage reduction everywhere, hard to hit weakspots

Weakness : - Mediocre gun aiming, Slowest vehicle, Bad handling, Huge target

Weak Spots : - Drivers vision block at top part of middle hull section has high ricochet chance (BLUE Color)

- Possible weak spot at turret cheeks (PINK Color)

- Front lower hull track guards (RED Color)

- Front Lower hull between tracks ( YELLOW Color)

- Huge fuel drum at rear hull