M36 B1
M36 B1.Hero Image.V1
HP 990
Damage per Shot 207
Rate of Fire 12/min
Vehicle Speed 36 km/h
View Range 345 m
With the introduction of the M36 tank units just couldn't get enough of them quick enough to fill the demand for a tank destroyer mounting a 90mm gun capable of handling Tigers and Panthers. As a stop gap solution to get more 90mm guns to the front line, an expedient measure was made by simply fitting the M36 Jackson turret to already completed M4A3 Sherman Chassis. These were issued as the M36B1 and quickly distributed to combat units.

The M36B1 had the hull armor configuration of the late production M4A3 Sherman tank.

In GameEdit

This is the American tier VII tank destroyer. It's quicker than most of the tanks at its tier though it's noticeably slower than the M36 so the speed isn't as great of an asset. Can be used similar utilizing the extra view range to plant the first shot then reposition to do it again. Front of the turret and also front of the hull is pretty strong compared to the other American TD's so hull down is a pretty good tactic. Keep distance from the tier VIII's since peekaboo sniping is your best chance against them but up close and dogfighting exposes your weaker sides.