M26 Pershing
Heavy Tank, Tier VII
HP 985
Damage per Shot 200
Rate of Fire 12/min
Vehicle Speed 35 km/h
View Range 330 m

The M26 Pershing Heavy Tank was the American response to the German Tiger 1 & 2 (being able to knock out both). It entered service late in the war and only a handful of them ever saw action in World War II. It later went on to find more service in the Korean war where it proved more than a match for the T34-85 used by North Korea. Its gun could penetrate from the front of a T34 all the way through the rear while the T34 had trouble penetrating its armor. It was armed with a high velocity 90mm gun and had up to 100mm of armor. After the M103 Heavy tank, with it's 120mm gun, entered service the M26 was reclassified as a Medium Tank. It's only problem exposed in Korea was the low mobility that made it questionable in the medium tank role so the M46 replaced it which was essentially a Pershing with a more powerful engine.

In Game Edit

This is the tier VII American tank. It is the second fastest tank in it's tier though tied for the least firepower, highest fire rate and has mid health. It is a very deadly tank on the battlefield, being able to go head to head against any foe. Its mobility is the biggest advantage against other tanks in its tier, although it shouldn't be used the same way as the Sherman. It is best to remain behind the front lines as a support tank and only expose the turret when firing as it's a difficult target that is quite strong. If you target the weak spots it can even do quite a bit of damage to the front of a Tiger II. Tier V and VI tanks can still flank it and even circle it. Just be sure to turn the hull and the turret in the same direction to keep up with a circling lower tier tank. In a close range fight with tanks in its own tier its higher mobility gives it a major advantage in a circling dogfight. Currently this faces experimental tanks which are much more powerful but slower. Your gun can still damage them with shots to the side or rear and dogfighting works pretty well thanks to thoset anks slower turrets and turn rate.