|210px|Russian tier VII Experimental tank]]
Russian tier VII Experimental tank
HP 1005
Damage per Shot 260
Rate of Fire 10.0 rpm
Vehicle Speed 30 kph
View Range 330 m

The KV-3 (object 223) was an heavy tank project. It would've mounted an 107mm ZiS-6 gun in a conical turret on a elongated KV-1 hull (7 rollers per side) and an 850hp engine. It had up to 120-130mm of sloped armor. Production was intended to start in 1941 but the German invasion halted the design and the only built hull was scrapped.

In Game Edit

Way smaller than the other experimental counterparts and also much quicker. But it's low silhouette, thick armor and quick-firing gun make it an great threat in the right hands on the battlefield. Try and get hull down as your huge tracks can be easily hit and the turret is small and very well protected. Take advantage of your fast reload and pick apart your opponents. But your limited HP and poor gun depression limit your possibilities.