KV-2.Hero Image.V1
Heavy Tank, Tier V
HP 680
Damage per Shot 220
Rate of Fire 8/min
Vehicle Speed 22 km/h
View Range 330 m
The KV-2 was designed to give added firepower to a heavy tank battalion in the form of a turret mounted 152mm howitzer. Designed primarily for busting bunkers or infantry concentrations the 152mm HE was also very potent against German tanks. The 152mm gun is mounted in a tall box like turret which hampered depression and elevation and presented a large target for German guns. It was removed from production after the factory it was being produced at was over run by the Germans.

In GameEdit

This is the tier V Russian tank. It is a beast in mid tier battles with that firepower that is more fit for a tier VII vehicle. Like other Russian tanks, it has sloped armor at the front. It is also pretty common for a shot to ricochet off the back. The reload is rather long so playing peekaboo is a good way to go. It also has the slowest speed of its tier. It is also dangerous in a hull down position as it's frontal turret armor is quite strong. Try to hit enemy weak spots to maximize your damage and this can easily rack up the kills. Just avoid letting faster tanks like the E8 and Cromwell get in close as this is terrible in a dogfight. It also has the terible Russian gun depression. When it gets up tiered be the support sniper. It's firepower is up to par but the reload is not at those tiers so if you don't find cover you will be torn apart quickly. Against experimentals it is wise to not fight them alone as this isn't much faster than any of them and they have more firepower.  It is best to use this as a fire support tank for your team as its extreme firepower can weaken tanks easily.