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Heavy Tank, Tier VII
HP 980
Damage per Shot 200
Rate of Fire 13/min
Vehicle Speed 35 km/h
View Range 330 m
Since the KV-1 was proving to be too slow and not any more effective than the T34, the Soviet heavy tank program was almost abandoned. After facing the Tiger and Panther at the battle of Kursk, it was decided that new heavy tanks were needed and the program was restarted. A stop gap solution was made from modifying the design of the KV tank which mostly improved the armor layout, making it slightly lighter but much stronger. It was fitted with the 85mm gun of the T34, and entered production as the IS-1. It was produced only between October 1943 and January 1944, after which the more powerful 122mm gun was chosen and placed on the tank. This became the IS-2.

In Game Edit

The IS-1 is the Russian tier VII tank. It's the second slowest tier VII tank and it's shots are in a 3 way tie for the least amount of damage, however it has the fastest reload time. The tank's low profile causes it to be bouncy; in other words, shots will often ricochet if the player takes advantage of the sloped armor on the IS-1. Furthermore, it will stay hidden behind low rises. This does not mean you want to get into head to head fights with this tank; on the contrary, you will want to stay back and snipe. This is where the advantage of the low mobility comes in. For those players who would rather charge, the tank will keep you behind your peers and in sniping mode; the best mode available to the IS-1. So play this tank carefully; don't flank things unless there is really no other sensible thing to do, and always stick with your teammates if you can. You can go far with this tank if you abide by its rules. Against experimentals flanking is almost a must as they will tear apart your sides quick but you are quick enough to flank and get in close to dogfight them where you can exploit the experimentals slow speed and turrets.