Furious Easy 8
Medium Tank, Tier V
HP 770
Damage per Shot 101
Rate of Fire 17/min
Vehicle Speed 43 km/h
View Range 330 m
 The M4A3E8 "Easy Eight" was a late war variant of the Sherman Tank. It made modest gains in armor but the biggest advancement was the 76mm gun. Though still inadequate against the frontal armor of Tiger's and Panther's at combat range, the 76mm was considerably more effective than the short barreled 75mm. It also allowed the Sherman to fire the HVAP Tungsten capped round that gave it much better penetration but unfortunately during the war these were hard to come by. 

In Game Edit

The Furious Easy 8 is an American Tier V tank. The tank seems to be an in-game reference to the 2014 movie "Fury", the main tank, called "Fury", is an M4A3E8 A.K.A an Easy 8, hence the name premium Easy 8 being called "Furious". Compared to the standard E8 this has more health and firepower and earns an extra 25% coins per match. When it is the highest tier tank on the battlefield it can be used effectively as a sniper or can even lead assaults and capture flags due to it's high speed. Often times it gets put in matches with tier VI, VII and experimental tanks and then it should be used solely as a support tank or flanker. It should never engage a heavy head to head alone because it would take 7-10 shots to kill one from the side (even more hitting the front or turret) while a heavy needs only 3-4 from any angle. If in trouble the E8 can always use its high mobility to get out of danger and can circle a tier VII quicker than it's turret can turn if performed correctly. Against the standard Tiger the Furious can win a head to head match with the extra health and firepower but it is still advisable to flank. The Tiger 212 should never be fought head to head. It also has to fight experimentals like the Maus so make sure not to ever present yourself as a target as they can demolish half your health in one shot. If you can get in close it is much easier to circle them than a tier VII. Dogfighting is an advisable tactic since it can shoot well on the move and out run the turrets of most tanks it faces.