Crusader III
Crusader III.Hero Image.V1
Cruiser Tank, Tier III
HP 390
Damage per Shot 63
Rate of Fire 19/min
Vehicle Speed 42 km/h
View Range 330 m
The Crusader MK III was an upgrade of the Mark II while the UK experienced delays in getting the Cavalier Tank produced. The UK desperately needed a tank mounting the more powerful 6lbr tank gun over the 2lbr that had been common on all British tanks. The Crusader MK III mounted a newly redesigned turret and was the first tank to mount the larger gun. The turret wasn't large enough to accomadate a loader so the commander had to also load the gun. It made it to the front just in time for the Second Battle of El Alamein. The Crusader was the fastest tank on the battlefield during its hayday in Africa but it was fazed out of service after the British army started recieving Grants and Shermans from the USA.

In GameEdit

This is the Tier III British Tank. It has a good top speed compared to other tier III tanks though it is tied for the least amount of armor. It has the second highest firepower only behind M3A3 Lee so it has the best firepower with a turret giving it a good advantage in its tier. Against lower tier tanks it is powerful like all tier III's and can quickly destroy them with its heavier firepower and it is almost as fast when fully upgraded. Against tanks in its tier and above it should stick to flanking or the support role. Circling is possible with it's high mobility as well though not as effective against the faster opponents this can face like the Shermans.