Chieftain MK 5
IMG 20141007 190359
Main Battle Tank, Tier III
HP 1680
Damage per Shot 267
Rate of Fire 11/min
Vehicle Speed 36 km/h
View Range 330 m

The Chieftain was one of the most advanced tanks at the time of it's introduction in 1966. It served as the main battle tank for the UK during the 60's, 70's, and 80's till it was replaced by the Challenger. It was a combination of the Centurion's mobility and the Conqueror's heavy 120mm gun (The definition of the main battle tank which combined the medium and heavy tank into one platform). It also was the first tank to place the driver in a reclined position which allowed the front hull to be steeply angled. Early models had a weaker engine that lead to lower top speeds but by the MK5 in the 70's it had a much more powerful 850 hp engine and better mobility. It was designed with a lot of input from Isreal though it was decided at the end not to let Israel produce the tank and instead they tested a few examples and created the Merkava. This tank was exported to several middile eastern countries where it saw most of its combat use but it wasn't exported to any other Nato countries.

In Game Edit

The Chieftan is the tier III Nato tank. Compared to its counterpart it has less hit points and speed but greater firepower (with a slightly slower rate of fire) and better gun depression. It can be used more effectively utilizing terrain and playing peekaboo than the Russian tanks since it can go into a hull down position without needing to expose the hull. It will be through in the mix with tier IV tanks so avoid their guns.