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ARMORED ACESMMO is a mechanized team vs team combat game with armored vehicles that started in 2014. The goal of the game is to eliminate the other team or capture a flag and bring it back to your base. It is free to play.

There are 10 maps that are chosen randomly every battle, each with its own unique set of characteristics, and more maps are on the way.

You can choose a variety of tanks in-game and each can be upgraded in several categories to make them the best machines on the field.

Several consumables can also be purchased with in-game coins to improve your tank further at the start of each match. They boost firepower, armor, speed by up to +20% and optic boost up to +30% gun sight magnification.

However, in the last update 12/2018 the boost system has become like drone wars, having 5 upgrade slots of +5% each for a total of +25% boost in each attribute plus specific perks.

A) Boosting firepower increases damage output, lowers aim time and ricochet chance while it increases accuracy and the chance to put the enemy tank on fire even from frontal shots. At level 4 you get fire extinguisher.

B) Boosting armor gives you more hit points, more damage reduction, higher ricochet chance and at level 3 gives you fire extinguisher.

C) Boosting speed makes you faster, more agile, your turret turns faster and at level 3 you get fire extinguisher.

D) Boosting optics extends your view range.

The tanks are mainly from two different eras, the WW2 era spans tanks from 1939 to 1945, while the Modern Era category spans tanks from 1950 to the present day. If you choose WWII era, you can play tanks from 4 different factions/countries, USSR, Germany, Great Britain, and the USA. Furthermore each country has a tank line, an Anti Tank line called TDs, and an experimental line which focuses on tanks in a similar time period that existed only in blueprints or prototypes All these lines have up to 8 tiers until now (11/2018) but eventually will go to 10 tiers according to Developers.

The 3 first tier tanks play in low category, tiers 3 up to 6 with VR less than 25,9 play at mid category and tiers 6 and above with VR more than 26 play at top category battles. Since last update 12/2018, mid category is tiers 4 up to 6 with VR of up to 29.9 and tier 6 higher than VR 30 plays 90% of games in mid tier and 10% in top tier. Tanks of tier 7 and higher play at top tier.


The experimental lines are currently under development, only USSR and Germany have full 8 tiers so far but more will be coming.

The Modern Era tanks are split into three main factions: the RUSSIA, NATO and Germany. Tiers 1 to 4 play at low category and tiers 5 and above at top category.

Armored Aces is a growing and still developing game since 2014 with new updates released frequently, adding new content such as additional maps or tanks.

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Caution : The in game tank attributes have no relation whatsoever with their real life counterparts because of the tier system, they just look realistic, so don't try to play them as they were historically intended.

Notable examples: - The King Tiger 2 was historically intended to be a long range, field tank destroyer but in this game it is a close range brawler, go figure...

- The real turetless TDs A39 and T28 that are in game at tier 8, were intended as bunker busters with large bore guns & high explosive shells, but in game they are high penetration/damage long range anti tank guns.

- The real M36B2 had less armor than a tier 4-6 Sherman but in game it soaks up damage like a tier 8. It got nerfed in last update 12/2018 so now it takes lots of damage like a tier 7 or less.

- The real T30 was a heavy tank and had a 150mm cannon with only high explosive shells and it needed a crane in the turret to load 2 shells per minute. Here it loads at just 11 secs. Its 150mm gun had less armor penetration than the 105mm variant but here it deals more damage than the tier 9 modern tanks.

Since last update 12/2018 it got boosted so now It deals 15% more damage than modern tanks like the Leopard 2A7, Abrams 1A2 and Armata, its just ridiculous.

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In Armored Aces players become the developers. Submit your ideas for new features or tanks for the developers to consider by visiting the official game forum here (Forum currently down), official VK page , Instagram page or the official Facebook page. You can also chat and share tactics with a growing community of active players as well as get exclusive information on upcoming updates.

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